Matt Walsh exposes Vanderbilt hospital mutilating minors

OK Groomer :+1:


against doctors?

The ones doing the surgeries and chemical castrations on those kids.

Take notice who’s defending the trannie factories.


what if i told you that hospitals are highly regulated by the states in which they operate, and that such oversight is in fact, part of a governor’s responsibility?

it is like you guys have no idea what government does, sometimes.

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Yeah, I got it the first time. It’s somehow everyone else’s fault My question was. When do you get to the hospitals and doctors who performed the surgeries and castrations? When is it their turn to be at fault here? Or are we just going with the Nuremberg defense of “just following orders”?


My high school aged daughter wanted to join the “LGBT Alliance club” at school. My wife and I explained to her the push that is going on with kids now days, but we allowed her to make the decision to go. First off, all clubs require a faculty sponsor, and a club simply for kids discussing sexuality with a faculty sponsor is high inappropriate. Second, she went to one meeting and confirmed that it was all “Kids can pick their genders and anyone who says otherwise is a bigot”. That it wasn’t an alliance, but a group formed to attack others. She never returned. The “club” was very quickly disbanded after myself and other parents expressed concern about it and how the faculty member is promoting bullying.

My youngest daughter had a friend that we allowed into our home and later decided to be they/them. A 12 year old. She ended up turning on my daughter and calling her a hateful person and a bigot because she refused to change her pronouns. The other girl’s parents had no idea she was doing that and also using a different name at school. We explained to our youngest daughter the irony of someone in “that” group being a vindictive person because she DIDN’T want to partake in make believe. The other girl came back to school this year going by her actual name again and dropping the pronoun bullshit.

So to imply that it isn’t interjecting itself into society through schools and children is simply disingenuous. I live in a pretty red area, yet accepting area, too.


Lol @ EFM and VirusHoax


Not a shock that a progressive medical school named after Anderson Coopers family is mutilating kids on the alter of the Cult of Progressivism!


How many of those kids have actually attempted to go through with a surgery? Kids talk a big game, but only the truly mentally and emotionally challenged will.

Those are who im talking about. Raise your kids right and they’ll be confident in who they are, not who someone else wants them to be.

I mean, that’s a weird stance to take.

“They’re only serious if they’re physically transitioning. Having adults promote bullying against those who disagree with them is not a big deal.”

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Yes. Talk is cheap. I don’t care what people think or say, I care what people do.

Well, bullying IS doing… Especially when the school motto is #BeKind

Bullying is bullying, it’s not transgender surgery.

Thats a tremendous amount of people from my whopping ZERO, buddy!


Imagine doing anything other than praising Walsh for this?

Holy shit I wonder about some of the posters on this forum…


I already know a 13 year old that is getting “top surgery” this month.

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Disgusting… via Chris Rufo: Public school students in Ohio are going to class and some of their teachers are wearing an NEA-sponsored badge that links to a how-to guide on “putting a fist or whole hand into a person’s vagina or bum.”

It’s way past time to abolish the teachers unions.

thank you matt walsh! you are really making a positive difference for trans people!