Matt Wiggins

Has anyone used Matt Wiggins workouts/books from

I'd assume Wiggy has.

I haven't, but they're generally well respected here.


I have Singles & Doubles 1 & 2. They are top notch books!

Well worth the money!

beev is correct. i only have s&d 1 so far...but i love it. good stuff.

S&D 1 is good.

I haven't bought any products from him, but have been using his hypertrophy workout for over a year now. Didn't get much bigger(about 5-10 pounds), but more solid and stronger. Am using the hypertrophy one because of time constraints in my schedule, it takes just long enough to fill in my PT time.

i've read one and two, and recommend both highly. he explains things in simple terms, presents advanced concepts but doesnt overcomplicate them, and writes in a very accessible style. you will refer back to them over and over, and always feel you got your money's worth.

Thanks to everyone for the replies!