Matt Wiman vs Dennis Siver FOTN

this is gonna be a great fight i give the edge to matt wiman
ground game

I like this matchup too... I'm picking Wiman to win..!!

But FOTN will be either Cruz / Faber or Condit / Stunn Gun Phone Post

Tul$a!! Watt Miman!! Phone Post

This is a great fight.. I've got Siver. He showed great TDD against sots, and should best Wiman on the feet. It will be a close one.

 Siver all night, he'll hold the 155 belt eventually. I'll bet anything and everything on Siver in this one. This is gonna be an awesome fight.

Siver will never hold the belt and I mean NEVER but he should dominate Wiman pretty easily

Siver by ko.

As much as I love Siver I think Wiman has this, if he takes it to the ground. Siver may defend takedowns through the first round, but Wiman will get him 2nd and 3rd. Predicting a fairly boring fight with a few small highlight worthy moments.

Wiman UD 29-28

Siver! Phone Post

.did anyone see that shirtless pic of wiiman? why does he look like he hasn't trained at all? poor body.....i woud be worried going in there with siver...

Faber/Cruz Leben/Wand & Stun Gun/Condit come to mind as the fights that are potential FOTN or even FOTY bouts.

who knows, Aaron Simpson vs Brad Tavares could end up being FOTN. you never know..

CarwinKOsCain1stRound -  Who cares Phone Post

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