Matt Wiman lived up to the expectations, and went 3-0, winning the under 175 pound tournament last night.
Winning in the finals in grand fashion. Putting out Venn Johns in a triangle choke in the second round.
We are all proud of you Matt, I for one new you could do it. He is the Future!!! Thanks to all the guys that helped us train him and support New Pride Lion's Den.


Clay Marrs


How did Tom do?

Todd Cole

Matt was amazing last night.

Tom lost via rear naked choke.

He was trading with his opponent and the guy caught him with a wild ass punch and I think Tom slipped and the guy got his back and sunk in the choke.

It was a good fight and Tom will be back meaner than ever for his next fight.

Matt made it through a stacked tourney the hard way and made me old man.

I never realized how hard it is to watch someone you actually know and train with fight.

I think I've got gray hairs.

I gotta say the guys who helped Heehaw prepare for this did a great job.

Clay was Matt the lightest in the tourney or did he have a few pounds on Bossler?

Congrats Matt

OMA, go fuck yourself.


Man OMA you are one trouble making fucker.

But he is a pro fighter, he is undefeated, and he does train with Royce so what can you do.

Mule - Bosler weighed about 162 for the fight, and I think Larry weighed about the same. True what you said about being stacked though.

Hey Levi what did Clay have to say to Matt after that flying knee at the end of round 2 in the Garza fight.

Looked like he was ripping him a new asshole.


I can't get over how proud I am of this kid.

Win or lose I was impressed from the first fight and continued to impress me.

Be nice to have to fly to Japan or Vegas in a year or so to watch him fight.

20 years old man if he can stay healthy he will go a long long way.

I'm glad to see him win against some good fighters.

Garza his a slugger and strong, Bossler is real technical in his BJJ game, and Johns is experienced.

Great night.

I can't say enough how proud I am of Matt.

I nearly shit because of the flying knee. yeah it was rough to see Tom go down, but hey its a fight and anything can happen.

p.s. you think Dale can train me to use a cookie sheet?

Calm down guys!

Damn you fuckers are just mean.

You gonna make fun of how Joe dresses and talk bad about his momma now?


I want to have Matts babies!

makes dreamy eyes

I think I love him.

Congrats to HeeHaw!

You guys (OMA) should lay off Joe. He never said he could beat Matt or that he was better. He just said he would grapple with anyone after someone else said he was real good.

Move over Hee-Haw Wiman because the alligator destroyer Tim Lajcik has officially stolen your nickname!!! I have crowned the alligator hunter Tim Lajcik with the nickname Hee-Haw so you better get a new nickname or else UFC veteran Tim Lajcik will tear you a new one!!!

hey southpaw.

I dont see you entering any 8 man tourneys another weight class above your own

This comment is completely asinine and unresearched. Joe has won an 8-man ABSOLUTE tourney here in Mass, including Dan Simmler, Kipp, Kollar, Mandella Kponu, all excellent grapplers weighing 40-50 pounds more than Joe.

He also came in second at the next 8-man ABSOLUTE tournament defending this title, losing only to Carlos Neto on points, who has had his BJJ BB for 8 years.

So basically, STFU.

Grappling or NHB tourey Chris?

Someone set it up, grappling match.. Lauzon Vs. Wiman .. sloppy flying heel hooks.. BAAAHAHAH

it was grappling. although, I never said i wasn't impressed with wiman, just that the damn nuthuggers are ridiculous.

cobain. the fuss comes from the wiman people. they give joe absolutely no credit for his 9-3 mma record and think that matt is already way above joe's level. joe has merely stated that he would fight or grapple anyone at his weight.

chris is correct