Matt x Royce weight when the fight

Just wondering if anyone has a ballpark idea of what the fighters will weigh after weigh-ins.

When they get into the octagon.

Matt being from a wrestling back ground, will he put back on weight over night?

As for Royce does he even really have to cut a lot?

Your thoughts.

Are you talking weight under the Earth's gravitational pull?

Royce will be at or close to what he weighed in at, Matt 10-15 pounds over.

i heard hughes weighs around 185 when fighting, he's a big cutter certainly. royce was listed as 180 or so in his early ufc days although they were probably exsagerated weights. he looks a lot bulkier than he did then mind you so i guess he'll be cutting a little, he is quite tall!

^^ so on the Earth's moon that would be, what, about 1.7 to 2.5 pounds?

what about Uranus?