Matts for Sale!

I have about 90 real tatame mats for sale.
6' x 3' red and green mats.
they are located in Bakersfield and Fresno.
I have about 20 mats here in Bakersfield and the rest in storage in Fresno.
I am willing to sell them @ $40.00 a piece.

you can contact me @ 661-201-3346

What condition are these matts in? Can they be shipped? Let me know, we'd be interested.

90! Wow. I wish I was closer to Fresno (although I couldn't use nearly that many).

I thought someone was selling Matt Hamil

^^he was sold this've got to keep your eye on those e-bay deadlines.

They are in good condition!!
They are the real tatame from japan...
We always kept good care of them and they have been in storage for more then 5 years..
Shipping? Only if you are willing to pay for shipping... I bet the shipping would be expensive though...

I'll find out... and of course I'd pay for shipping!!! We were wanting some and this looks great! Is this an all or nothing sale, or will you divide them up?

I will divide them.. no prob.. let me know how many..





How thick are the mats?

Thickness? 2-3" not 100% sure..

I need enough to fill a room 24 x 24 I can pick them up as well

I will call you in the morning


They can be picked up.. just call me and we can set something up..

People have already called me on these.. If you really want them, please commit soon, because I am afraid these are going to go fast!

24x24 room I believe would take 32 mats. @ 6x3 a mat..

I just called and left a message. just let me know what I need to do to get them.

I got an email from them saying that they were all sold.