Matt's gone to the darkside!

The following may shock you, so consider yourself warned.During a Seminar in Canada, Matt was convinced to drop his very effective training methods of aliveness, Adaptability and the Three I's... Instead, a local OJKD man convinced him to return to the roots of JKD and soon after, he was seen doing side kicks, lat flexes and making screaming noises like a cat.And below, is the photographic evidence.

(Just a joke here guys! More -real- pics and internet video will be up and a review of the seminar as soon as I finish cropping them and such)

That is such a GREAT photo!

I think I may have to post it on my website:)


CBK: Go ahead man!

Also, was a real pleasure to roll with you Mike, Real humbling.

Aren't those the same numchucks that he threw at my face???

Portuguese: The same ones that would have hit you in the face if you weren't using the Camera at the time.


Hey all,

Ok, that is going on my forum RIGHT NOW!!!!

Good God, if he only had on a Yellow Track Suit at the time!

My camera using Kung-Fu blocking skills saved my life!!!

Oh man...I just know I am going to get a beating for this...but can a bluenamer hook a brother up?



Oh my God, that is so funny:)

From Sean: Oh shit, now Matt's gonna really wreck me the next time he rolls with me.

It was nice knowing you Kai!

RIP Kai!!!



Hey, it's not my fault, Sean is the one who did the photoshop!

LOL that was a great seminar

Not bad in Yellow, I may have to get a tracksuit. . .?


I'll send flowers to your funeral.... ;-)