Matyushenko @ 185 !!

Just got off the phone with Rico Chiapparelli.

Remember HWT/LHWT Vlady Matyusheko?? Couldnt really decide if he wanted to be a HWT or LHWT-- Impressive list of HWT wins..losses toi Arlovski and Tito--

Get this-- Rico says that Vlady is working hard and committed to losing some weight and fight at 185!!
He last fought at 187.5 in Japan against Kenji Kawaguci(sp).

He currently weights about 214-- too bad he wasnt closer to weight to be considered for a Baroni fight.

At any rate he will be a friggen' monster at 185--low body fat,strong as hell and hits hard.

more to come-- 185' pounders take notice!

or it could be too much weight loss and he will be weak and have no gas.

that his competition weight.. he will do well at that weight

as long as it isn't too tough of a weight cut

Is he even 6 foot?
AT his height 185 should be no problem

That is the best move he's made in NHB. He will crush people at that weight. He was a little slow at the Heavier weight.

I thought he had a lot of trouble making 205?

Sounds good, I like watching the Janitor. Its going to be interesting.

Very Cool!


I like the Janitor as well, good fighter. He hit hard, take man down
break him.

I started a what happened to Vladdy thread yesterday, why the long layoff? The UFC LHW division is so shallow, Matyushenko should make his comeback there. Maybe against Babalu. Those 2 are the only 2 top LHW fighters I can think of not already in Pride or UFC.

Let me tell you all that if Vladdy tries to make 185 the right way he will be a badass 185 addition to the UFC for sure.

Damn the UFC 185 lb division is going from shit to sugar over night almost.

Vladdy vs Terrell, Linland, Baroni who he would rape BTW, Lawlor (same) would rock. He could also fight Tanner they almost fought but Vladdy got cut a LHW.


"I thought he had a lot of trouble making 205? "

He made 205 easy-- he went down to the wire on weigh in a couple times but a lot of wrestlers do that.

185 is a big cut-- but I really dont think it will be a huge problem.Rico says he is going to do it over the next couple months.

Sure he can compete with some guys at HWT and 205-- but @ 185 I think he can REALLY open some eyes.


When I took privates with Vladdy he told me walks around at 220. And he looked very lean then. If he can retain his strength and stamina at 185, he will definitely be an immediate title contender.

When you consider Riggs cut from 300, what's the big deal LOL.

The UFC 185 lbs division is getting very exciting and Vladdy at 185 would be awesome.







Baroni LOL

It could be cool, but it could hurt him, too.


I dont think it will hurt him.... he used to suck down to 167.5 to compete in wrestling-- it was a some weight--thats for sure--but he can do it.

Plus it motivates him to work his ass off.

He wont do it overnight-- but he will do it and when he does you will have a 185 pounder that will be very,very hard to stop.

The Janitor wrestled at about 187 or something didn't he? If so, this should be doable for him.

It would be great to see the Janitor back smashing some skullz. I miss Vladdy :( Big fan right here!