Maui Invitaional Jui-Jitsu Tourn.

Just wondering if anybody from hawaii or away is entering the First Annual Maui Invitational Tournament? I hear there should be alot of talent at this tournament and if you know about it reply what you think or heard. THANKS.

Ive heard only a little and havent heard back from my email. Im still planning on flying up so yeah you could say there will be some talent on hand lol j/k

Anyways im still not sure if the no-gi is on or off. It was anoounced that it was canceled yet on there latest pr it says there is one.

Yah I just heard the same thing today about he no-gi but I think I am more interested in the gi division.
Hey I also heard their may be some Gracie students at the tournament. I am definately flying up why man where you from?

yeah bunch of guys going up from relsons,bruno's and kendall's. Kind of sucks if there is a no gi division being I stopped training for it after the first cancellation.

btw-from kauai, live on oahu

ttt for all you Oahu guys get you better get back fro Punishment IN Paradise.LOL

I heard that this will be an awesome tourney.

I heard this would be an awesome fight card

To bad Mr. West opponent ran off in the dark corner!!

I hope Mark Shemwell will fight Chris on the next
Punishment in Paradise card after his alleged
injury to his knee or whatever heals!