Maui recommendations and hotels, etc

you will be super suprized at how crazy it is. if you can stay over night in hana… maybe that would be the best? then their is no pressure to make it out?

I was looking into that…is the drive back when it’s dark like dangerous or anything? If we could just breeze back at the end of the night i’d rather do that and save the money on a hotel

the west side (I think ) has the nicest beaches. drive to yoks ( its at the end of the road) spend the day there you will fall in love with the beach. as i mentioned, always be i sight of your car. if you are lucky you will get to see som tittays. girls like to go topless once in awhile over there. or they get pounded by the waves and their bikini comes off.

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i havent done it in awhile. but i do find it easier to drive in the dark. you can see the oncoming traffic lights way ahead of you. instead like the day when all of a sudden.

haha nice, will definitely have to check that out. Getting a little nervous now though about leaving bags in the car, even if they aren’t noticeable or in the trunk. Shouldn’t risk it?

Can you do a partial day trip on the road to hana? We’re planning on staying at hotel for the duration. Only thing thats booked is a luau. Theres a bjj school nearby too i think on west coast i may check out

When are you going? I’ll be there end of july through the first week of august

you can just drive as far as you want in and the turn around at any time. but in half a day i dont think you will make it to and from hana.

i personally would not risk it.

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i have a friend that rents his jeep out through turo. the first day rented, someone cut open the soft top to steal a styrofoam cooler with some drinks in it. over 1k in replacemnet. he stopped renting his jeep.

Aug 8-13

Road to hana is the most overrated part of maui. Given the time it takes it isnt worth it

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i’ve done it twice years apart and after the last time i said never again, i totally agree.
the drive is just not worth the reward, you are better off picking a nice beach and hanging out



Stayed at the ritz Carlton for my honeymoon in 2003, Had about 20 gallons of Guava juice shit was amazing.