Maurice Smith vs Marcus "Conan" Silveira 1 & 2

Maurice Smith  vs  Marcus Silveira  -  Extreme Fighting 3  (11/18/96)

Maurice Smith  vs  Marcus Silveira  II  -  World Extreme Fighting 7  (10/09/99)


never knew this second fight took place.

can't figure out why mo didn't let loose. i guess he just wanted to wear out conan first then pick him apart.

I never thought it at the time but the first fight was kinda premature on the stop.

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Thanks! Phone Post

The first one was an historic moment in mma of course.


Thanks again Pro Ice

Jons Forsberg - Maurice was sexy.

he still is

The first fight is maybe the most watched fight in my fight watching career. Also, check out Eddie Goldman with the cageside seat at Battlecade. Those were the days!

Commentary is gold on the first fight. Anik and Florian could learn a thing or two from these guys.

Dave Bontempo was a commentating legend!

Fuck yeah, I loved those old matches. They were monumental at the time. Phone Post



True story:

After this fight, I was playing basketball with Maurice, and didn't know who he was because of tape delay.

After the game, I asked him what he did for work. He said "I'm a world kickboxing champ".

I rolled my eyes at him. A couple months later, I picked Conan to beat whoever he was fighting!

I've since run into him over the years, and he's always a pleasure.

One of the most unassuming badasses ever.

kool. extreme fighting #4 was ten times better. peace to coach monday

bhealthy - kool. extreme fighting #4 was ten times better. peace to coach monday

#4 was always a real bitch to find though, eh.

Oh, and thanks Pro Ice!