Maurice Travis

Anyone heard of him, now much about his teach style, etc... ? He has a
gym in Myrtle Beach, SC. He's been in a few movies, "World Champion",
etc... However, has anyone heard of him?

Yes, Super Brawl in Hawaii about 12 years ago. Muay Thai looked good
back then (if I remember correctly) although he had a really bad haircut : )

I think he fought Chad Sawyer a few years ago. Rember seeing him in Florida at the IKF's a few years back.

He fought Hoost in K-1. He was dominated.

Maurice used to fight on a lot of Dennis Warner's shows in California several years back. He held the IKKC Muay Thai title. Fought and lost to Manu N'toh and Manson Gibson. He KO'd Kwame Stephens in the 1st round and won over Jermaine Andre by DQ. Andre got pissed at him or something during their fight - picked him up and slammed him.

He's also done some MMA - Superbrawl.