Mauricio Rua vs. Ovince Saint Preux

Apple, that was a ballsy pick. I love Shogun but thought he’d get stopped. He won that fight, so you got screwed on your nice upset pick. Very unfortunate.

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Fuck AZ for booing Shogun too.


I’m 34 and tonight marks the first time I have willingly disengaged from watching a fight because I don’t want to see a guy get hurt. I’ve thought about it before but I’ve always still watched. The fight came on and I told my wife “I’ll be in the den, let me know when the fight is over.”

It’s hard to even see Shogun physically looking the way he does.

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Not sure about that decision…

of coming out to The Imagine Dragons.

Crowd is full of just bleed casuals. They don’t even know what Pride was…


Everyone lost that fight. They should both retire.

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OSP looked like he could explode on Shogun at any time, but was just there for a paycheck.


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Sounds like every OSP fight then

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Based on this thread and OSPs entire career, he is one of the biggest wasted talents in MMA history

Didn’t expect shogun to win
He showed up and was the aggressor and did the most damage in the first two rounds

Third was close at times but OSP wins it

OSP gets the decision and limps off…his leg got chopped up big time



SO disappoint. Shogun earned that.


Who cares. This fight sucked, OSP and Shogun both suck, this fight belonged in Bellator. Not even WSOF or whatever the fuck it’s called these days.


He also clearly won 2 rounds vs Craig the first time they fought
Judges have been unkind and arguably unjust to him at least 4 times so far in his UFC Career



Reminds me of when gomi fought sanchez in japan too no less and he clearly won and they fucked him there too. Maybe they have it in for the pride guys? Pisses me off.

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Shogun loses most of his UFC decisions and many of them he would have won on “points” if scored properly

In his career the only decisions he received that I think could have gone the other way or were even were agains Lil Nog

Most of his other decision losses and the draw vs Craig looked like clear wins on points

Oh well, we know how badass he is and was…he came in with greying hair and flabby this time and still sent his much bigger and favored opponent limping away

So Cain has a mistaken identity defense.