Mauricio Shogun seminar in Boston!

Pride 2005 Middleweight GP Champion Mauricio Shogun, will be doing a series of MMA seminars in the USA in late July. Shogun is recovered from his elbow injury and training hard to get back in action in September, and follow up with a busy schedule of fighting until the end of the year. Before that, due to the great response of fans and and all the friends made in the last trip in January, Shogun will be taking time while his schedule allows to do one more short trip to the USA for a series of seminars, traveling around this great country mostly to new places, giving other fans a chance to interact with him, with the exception ot Taunton, MA, where we will be returning one more time due to the great response we always get from the area. The schedule is almost finished, and now it's time to reveal details from each seminar, as we thank all for their support!

Shogun, as said, will be doing a seminar in Taunton, MA, which is pretty close to Boston, thefore the title of the thread. This will be our third time in town, and last time we had a blast, and the place was extremely packed, so it's wise to hurry and secure a place, as those who were there last time can tell how it was =) Also this is our first time without lots of snow and cold, so hopefully people will be encouraged to go =)

DATE: Tuesday, July 25th- 2006

Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Place: The Boneyard Academy, Taunton, MA.

Address: 5 Main Street 3rd floor, Taunton, MA. 02780

Price: $55.00 pre-registration, $65.00 normal price.

Contact info: (Phone) 508-824-7977


Post Address: p.o. box 372 Taunton, MA 02780

Additional info trough email or phone.

The seminar is MMA oriented, going trough all sorts of positions that happen in a fight, from stand up, takedowns, defenses, ground work with strikes involved, and everything in the Chute Boxe Shogun style, showing what he believes, and what he really use inside the ring. It's also done in a way where anyone, from begginers to pro-fighters can train and learn. Those who have attended knows it's a good seminar, and you won't regrett attending it.

Any questions or other information regarding the seminars, its concept, and any feedback is also welcomed at:

Questions and comments, once again, are welcome. Thanks a lot,

Eduardo Alonso.