Mauro Ranallo, Stephen Quadros,where are they now?

 Where are these guys now?

If Goldberg lost his voice would they be hired by the UFC?

 Hope not.

 At least they tried to always learn more about mma. Goldberg cannot say the same.

Mauro calls ShoMMA fights. Not sure what Quadros is up to, but I really doubt he and Joe would work together.

newbyfan -  At least they tried to always learn more about mma. Goldberg cannot say the same.
Goldie has tried. Too hard, imo.

 Goldie seems like a nice fellow dont get me wrong

but man am i sick of him

i have so many pet peeves about his style

heres one

i hate how hell be rambling about pointless-inane-bullshit-story-about-fighters-background-we-all-already-know a,b,c, or d , and something big will be happening in the match and rogan will try to bring him back to reality and he will interrupt rogan with his story and try to quickly finish it and try to transition back to the match.

But his transition will just be his end of match catch phrase because he rambled over the whole fucking match by now


Its always weird.

Goldberg always does this.

he does this once or twice every hour

its crazy and rogan must want ot kill him sometimes

 thanks for answering my questions

ill save my pet peeves about goldberg thread for another day :-)

The Score studios are less than a block from my office so I see Mauro on the street all the time. It's getting harder and harder for me to resist yelling out "Yo yo yo and away we go" whenever I pass him.

He looks like a dweeb in person. Of course, he looks like a dweeb on TV also, so I'm not speaking out of school here.

 for anyone who doesnt own pride 27....INFERNO!

 i like mirkos version of hard laughter its like a slight smirk

 im sure this was here in some form on this board like 5 years ago

 ok im backing away from thread now slowly

as long as neither of those clowns are on my TV i couldn't care less where they are now.

I love both of them, each in their own little way.

Not sure about Mauro but I'm pretty sure Quadros is living with his parents.


They'll both be doing commentary for the Strikeforce Challengers 3 card in 10 days.

Mauro does commentary for all Strikeforce events, while Stephen only does the Challenger Series ones.

 cool , thanks again for the info