Mavericks Org a JOKE

I could type up some essay on why, but why bother? Mavs are a joke.

Winner of Suns/Spurs win the title.

It WILL be the Spurs.


yup, i predict the Spurs to win it all

Suns in 7


Look, there is no curse, okay?

The last two times we won a title I would post after every game "ONE DOWN AND THREE TO GO" or whatever it was. We still won. And we shall this year too.

IF... IF IF IF we don't, I wish Nash the best in getting one. Suns are pretty much a GOOD team to root for (unlike mavs and lakers) so I wish them the best IF IF IF we lose.

SPURS will definitely WIN the award for most boring and unwatchable team in the NBA.

Boring? lol

I still enjoy good basketball from them. Especially Tony Parker slashing in the lane and TD21 showing off his low post game and defensive prowess.

I live in Austin and the Spurs sponsor my son's little league basketball team, and I tried, but I can't force myself to like the Spurs. Just not an exciting team. Plus I lived in Dallas too long.

The Mavs are a fun team to watch and root for. Cuban is kind of immature for a billionaire, but he is so much better than what we had before.

Dirk is not from this country and was raised in a different style of play. He has adapted remarkably well. If and when they finally win one, Dirk will be like Peyton Manning and all past failures will be largely forgotten.

And Avery deserves most of the blame anyway.

How did Avery make Dirk play like shit? Sorry, most of the blame lies in Dirk's hands.