Mavs getting pounded in the arse!!

lol, 59 - 33 halftime lead for San Antonio over Dallas. :)

This game is fun to watch :)

lol, yes

lol, whooaaaaaaaa Nellie!!! haha

fuck, they're makin a game of it now.

Never under-estimate the power of the forum jinx.

haha, we'll see. :)

Where is rod snow, who insists that the mavs are going all the way with that defense.

lol Slick is correct, and I don't give a fuck what anyone says, that shit with Finley WAS dirty!!

Of all the fucking games I had to miss. Couldn't my wife have her birthday during the offseason?? ;)

I was reading that Bowen said Finley hit him first and he was just getting him back. I didn't see it though so I don't know.

And Rasha got 7 blocks to the Mavs 3. Crazy shit.

FInley's the man

ok, brutal game by the mavs, featuring the worst 1st half of all time

i have to look on the bright side though, and point out how they nearly rallied from a dismal effort to close the gap and make it almost respectable, unfortunately it was too little too late, but there's plenty of time to make up ground on the spurs and lakers, the mavs shall rise again