Mavs @ Kings!!!! HUGE game!!!!

forum jinx is due to fail this time!

lol, Slick already put the forum jinx on the Kings, so you're right about it being due to fail. :)

Damn, Nowitzki's already got 9 points with plenty of time left in the first.

stomach virus must be holding him down. he should have 20 by now. =P

Damn, a twelve point lead at the half isn't good enough imo.

HAHA, 3 Kings players with double doubles!! Bibby AND Christie got theirs with assists of course. :)


How about them Kings, loosing to portland.

Yeah, it bothers me almost as much as when they lose to shit teams like the Grizzlies. lol

Well get use to it, when they play the GRIZZ

Is it me or does Dallas seem to be imploding?