mavs to go on winning streak...

count on it

poop on it :)

Actually I don't know what their schedule looks like so you could be right.
They're playing the Grizzlies tonight.

Fuckin lucky bastards!! It was 95-92 Grizzlies with 7 seconds left and somehow the Mavs tied it. OT coming up, too bad this game isn't televised here.

Its over now Grizzlies WIN!

i saw the shot, Walker threw up some bullshit..It hit hard of the backboard, then hit the front of the rim..The ball then went straight up in the air and game back straight down the net for three at the end of regulation....Im sure it will make sports center

Wow, good win for the Grizzlies.

man *shakes head*

Ok, NOW the Mavs will go on a winning streak.


lol starting NOW

lol :)

lol sucks when your teams goes down to the grizz eh? just because of the stigma

lol, it'd suck a whole lot more if I'd made a thread like this just before it happened. :)

That is funny though. damnit, lol