Mavs to go on winning streak

with their crushing defeat of the supposedly invincible lakers (17 point victory in LA) the mavericks have moved into first position in their division with a home win over the newly dangerous toronto raptors (another 17 point game)

next up is a short road trip to boston and minnesota before the mavs return home for some revenge on the clippers (projected 30 point drubbing), i see the mavs winning all three of these games to extend their streak to 5 before things get heavy with another road trip to portland and then to sacramento

portland i dont see being too much of a problem but sacramento is on a roll right now and 4 games into another win streak of their own, who knows how they'll be doping when dallas comes to town, but this will be a tough game (but good)

lol, why did you have to make another thread?? You should have just found the old one you made, just before they lost that evening. :)

Dammit rod! If they lose tomorrow, I know who to blame! Just look at my griz/spurs thread. =P


lol that last thread was not the finest predicting i've ever done, but i've dusted off the eightball and i'm confident in this next round

DAMNIT!!!! :)

boston 105 dallas 103

fuck!.....ok starting NOW!

gotta stop making these threads, 'tione lost that game for us though trying to be the hero, boston got lucky that dallas coasted through and let them back in it

lack of defense, and also Walker trying to be the man.

fucking walker ...last two games 0-10 3pt. Nelly turning into paul silas. Just lets shit go down.

Well, they're putting together a streak, it's just not a winning one. :)

lol, no I didn't, but I did know that the Kings won last night. :)

Great thread. LOL!

Oh man, 115 - 105 Clippers win in Dallas.

The streak is now up to 3. :)

rs, you were right about a streak.

yeah good call

You should start a psychic hotline. ;)

him and sheed blazing away

Who and sheed?? Me and sheed??

put this on the wrong thread, i meant webber