Max Caster of The Acclaimed

Or when they pulled Excalibur off of commentary for awhile because people made a big deal about a promo he cut 10 years ago.

Brandy Rhodes is back from maternity leave so anything in the SJW realm is open to belief.

Brandi is a marketing/PR chick. I highly doubt she calls the shots on shit. In any case, Tony has final say on everything.

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And it worked in both instances. The stories died and both guys moved out without issue. Max will be fine if he stays level headed and waits for things to calm down. AEW will have a lot of big news coming up to drown things out


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What does SJW stand for? I see that a lot.

it’s something elderly NWA fans say a lot so they can recognize each other


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I honestly think no cap that Max Caster is the best heel in wrestling right now.

^ smart guy

I think he’s best while wearing cranial adornment but to each his own

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Great to see them back. Caster is kind of a weirdo but in a good way and has ‘it’. And Bowens is a solid athlete with a good look despite being a fruit booty.

Rap approved by AEW management.


So is Max Caster officially free then?

That return was great….

noticed he talked like a gay guy and googled if he was…his tag partner is gay and im sure he is too

keep digging, you might find something out about yourself

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