Max Holloway vs. Andre Fili

Up next... I got Fili

I picked Fili.

I got fili Phone Post 3.0


Damn. Gotta go with fili. Dont judge max on the connor fight tho, kid is tough Phone Post 3.0


This is a nice little scrap so far. Fili looks fluid.

Fili 1-0

I sort of don't and I sort of really like this kid fili I wonder which way I'll go?

Good first round.

Think fights been fun so far Phone Post 3.0

LOL @ taped up stretched ears.

Is Filli sponsored by Dynamic Fasteners by any chance? Phone Post 3.0

Holloway turning it on

really good fight so far Fili up by one.

just lots of diverse striking by both guys Fili got the better of most of it neither guy really hurt, fili with a td. rnd 1

Max has got this. Phone Post 3.0

This sucks. I like both of these guys. Don't know who to go for.

No disrespect but why is this fight on PPV?

PPV main cards should be top 10's vs top 10's only IMO. Phone Post 3.0