Max Kellerman on Dan Lebatard today

Max was so fucking good.

790 the ticket holy fucking shit.

I am so into boxing right now.

apparently im not the only guy who was moved by his words. Lebo just gushed over him as well.

Wrong Sport Asshole

shut your hole you fatherless bastard

 Kellerman has said good things about MMA so he's not one of those boxing assholes who thinks MMA is stealing their stolen dollars.

always liked him on espn.. he hasn't done around the horn in ages yet 2 days ago that tool Jay Mariotti called Tony, Max.. neither of them caught it.. I had to rewind it just to see if I heard it right. max is cool.

Dude, so good

"boxing is the physical implementation of will. every other sport is a metaphor for it."

he uses what he calls the 4 corner thought experiment.

you come to an intersection, on one corner, a guys playing stickball, on one corner a guys putting, one corner guys are playing basketball, one corner two guys are having a fistfight, where is teh crowd going to be?

he went on to say that boxing has not done a good job letting the public know who is good. basically calling out them on poor promotion.

Lol at Max ripping off a Dana White analogy.

Which one? I remember him using all of the analogies that Diaz just listed in Boxing Monthly interview in '02

Yeah, but which one? Like I wrote above, I remember Kellerman using all of the analogies that Diaz just listed in Boxing Monthly interview in '02. Maybe Dana got it from Max :)

so I hear dana has said the same thing?

:taps microphone:

Is this thing on?

Dana got the 4 corner thing from Max

Kellerman has been saying it for years

at one point we had Max and Brian Kenny show for a few hours a day, it was awesome

they would talk Boxing and MMA all the time