Max Payne 2

Just finished the game, so here are my impressions:

1) I almost threw up because the mouse movement was so fast! Glad it had the option to slow it down, because I would have given up on the game, because of it.

2) The storyline was really enjoyable, and the voice-acting was quite good.

3) The action is really where it's at. I liked the enemy AI, I liked the HUGE selection of weapons. Bullet-time rocks, plus all the diving stuff. I loved using the molotov cocktails just to hear the enemy cry! LOL!!

Overall, really kick-butt, and one of the few shooters I've played that I'd gladly play again on a different level.

Max Payne 1 was alot deeper in plot. This one was more like 1 1/2 than 2 in my opinion. Nothing significant really happened in his life since the events of the first.

Max Payne 2 is one of my favorite FPSs ever. It is a little on the shortside but the quality is outstanding. Great story and unparalled action IMHO...

I agree. I am waiting and waiting and it just tried way too hard to be "dark and gritty" The first one was the classic tale of revenge for your family's murder. This was didnt have much substance in my opinion.

Always loved the gameplay though.