Who would kill who first???

Max would go into bullet time and shoot Snake and that faggot Raiden with his Jackhammer, interrupting their 45 minute long nonsensical plot revelation with some MUTHAFUCKING ACTION!

Solid Snake is the original badass.

He'd shank Payne with a knife before Payne knew what happened.

snake has more aura. max payne has none

lol@splinter cell. gimme a fuckin break, snake or payne would fuck sam fisher up. Fisher is only good for sneaking around, he would get fucked up big time by either guy in a firefight.

Payne is a badass but i gotta go with snake in this situation. Snake has battled advanced genome soldiers and massive nuclear weapons platforms singlehandedly and won coming out mostly unscathed. Max fights two bit new york thugs and amatuer commandos and still got shot several times for his trouble.

Only two possible scenarios:

1 Snake taps on the wall causing Payne to check out what the commotion is. Snake breaks his neck.

2. Payne walks head on into Snake. As Snake pulls out his socom, Payne leaps into the air triggering bullet time. Snake is shot 15 times before he hits the ground.

lol at wall tap

3. snake is hiding in a box as max walks past him *being used to seeing cardboard boxes everywhere. snake shoots payne in the back of the head twice.

paynes bullet time is just seeing everything slower. snake would still be able to react in real time when max is in bullet time

snake 1 payne 0

Do you people not understand that Snake would be too busy talking to Otacon and General Synthacomputerdick about the Freedom of Information Act and the Illuminati and wireless bio-micronoids to see Payne coming to blow his latexed ass away?

Besides, Payne comes into buildings gun blazing while Snake has to crawl under tables and stuff his bitch ass in lockers to get by.


Snake isn't even a dude, dude.

max payne looks like he's constipated

He's not constipated, just pissed that they killed his wife and baby.

Max Payne 2 max payne isnt constipated anymore.

Duke Nukem had attrocious graphics but the multiplayer weapons were some good ones. Why don't all games have laser trip wires, a jet pack and a holo-Duke!?

lol@ Duke Nukem. You can talk about him when his next game comes out in 2040.

2040 would be too early, morel like 2100.