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thank you
coach hale

Btw i will be selling a new program at my site soon Adipose X- designed to maximize fat loss, and enhance work capacity. Great for athletes or general fitness enthusiasts.

I really enjoyed your article this week Jamie ... I think most parents need to play with their kids like you do ... keeps THEM young too!

-Grant Hansen
Renegade Training

Coach Hale:
When will your athletic training book be released, or have you shelved the project?

i have not shelved the project. It is in the hands of the publishers at this point. In fact, i presneted at Coach Davies last seminar in Nj in regards to the book.
The book has been in the works for over one year now. It features 487 photos and a great deal of practical science. I will be outlining the book May the 15th at Kentucky Strength and Conditoning Association Clinic as well.

I apologize for the delay with the book release. I will keep you posted on the release. I also have a few dvd projects in the works as well.

coach hale