Maxfighting: Cesar Gracie 14-0??

Could someone please list his fights, opponents, and how he won the fights??

This info seems to be missing from FCFighter and Sherdog.


I thought he hadn't fought MMA before.

that's what I thought wooden.

So is he claiming 14 streetfight/Dojo wins??

MRMAKO has bitch slapped the correct

Ceasar has never fought in a sactioned MMA fight

maybe sport bjj wins

underground fights?

I remember him saying in an interview that he didn't have any MMA experience...

training and actually fighter are two different things. there is a lot more to fighting than just throwing a technique.

"Just from the quality of fighters/grapplers he produced he could be a threat."

I agree with that, and was suprised to see Maxfighting reporting an unprovable record..

"Why dont you just call Cesar and ask him if you're so interested? Its not like you can't reach him at his school?"

Because I don't know him, because he doesn't need or want people calling his school fact checking Maxfighting's articles. Maybe someone from Maxfighting can tell us where those numbers came from.

"LOL. So, email the people at Maxfighting. You think people on here are going to do a better job of fact checking for you?"

I don't know why, but I get the impression people that post here know quite a bit about MMA. If it wasn't for people asking questions on here, this forum would be dead.

"You think people on here are going to do a better job of fact checking for you?"

It's a forum, trollboy. You know, a place where people discuss things.


The information is part of a release distributed by Mike Afromowitz.