MAXIM must read...GSP, Liddel etc.

Just a heads up to check out Maxim (Jan. 2007) fashion article featuring some dapper fellows, save for Kos. I still don't like him.

same issue has an article on mexican pro wrestling

is it me or does jorge gurgel look like he just stepped out of a robert rodgriguez movie? i think he's about to rob a bank and slay vampires there.

that is pretty awesome all the way around. Yeah - Jorge looks like he got the coolest clothes

if by coolest you mean gayest, then yea

Lidell and Lytle look like Gurgel's goons.

Most guys would let their ego get in the way and not want to be the one getting hit on camera. Once again GSP is the nice enough guy to say, yeah I'll be the one spitting out blood, even though they could have gotten a waiter for just some model to do it.