Maximum Effieciency/Minimum Effort

Time for the Marines to take Kano's advice and turn the Suni triangle in Iraq into a parking lot.


yea... i think its about that time as well.

I believe that is why I am against this operation. If you invade a place - plan on fucking shit up and laying the smackdown or just leave them alone and let them kill each other..

they'd hate us if we did that, but they'd hate us when we don't and added to that we end up getting pot-shotted while we play the role of "peace-keeper" fuck that..

Bull, how do you really feel?


I'm painfully candid.. I hope I didn't come off as racist. As I think highly of the Arabs and respect their culture. I just feel this way about anywhere the US goes to play the role of "peace keeping and rebuilding"

It should go without saying that US politics is about teh furthest thing from Max Eff/Min Effort as you could get. Sen. Cambell must have been crazy..

Righteous. Fuckin'-a-right. Shit or get off the pot. Only thing they will understand is a TOTAL FREAKIN' ASS-KICKING DELUXE!

View Type,I'm a former Marine. I live in Washington DC and I'm typing this from a federal building. My wife was White House Staff during the Clinton admin.My statement was clearly an emotional opinion, not a contrite, politically sensitive, kumbaya, candle-holding, sack of grain giving, can't we all get along solution.

View Type, I see you are a Ph D., aye? Post hole digger? Wise guy. I now know where you are coming from. LMAO @ your dumb ass. Stick the "keyboard warriors" stuff up your ass. Its a world war, wake the fuck up before its too late. Where is your outrage?

We should give all those assholes 72 hours to get out of the Suni triangle and then vaporize it. They hate us and would like nothing more than to kill us. Believe it. They expect us to be apathetic pussies.

I'm having a hard time sleeping because I cannot get the image of those U.S. citizens, burnt to a crisp, dangling from a bridge, out of my head. The images shown all over the world. Desecrated bodies. Those c-suckers are going to have to pay big time for that.

Maximum effiency/minimum effort.

"We should give all those assholes 72 hours to get out of the Suni triangle and then vaporize it. They hate us and would like nothing more than to kill us. Believe it. They expect us to be apathetic pussies"

It is really too bad we have this situation eating up our dollars at home. It is causing high gas pricesThen on top of it we are taking American business over seas and I cannot even find a fuckin job here in the US?

What an awful executive branch we have currently. Did they think religous fanatics like these would just roll over when we pulled a few tanks in? As long as there is european and american presence within the arab middle east, there will be european and american casulties. Does anyone really believe these iraqi's want democracy? You guys do realize that all of our american news comes from one source now, the Associated Press, and you do realize our government, to ensure their power to manipulate, has laxed regulations so that this monopoly can exist? Check out the news sources from other countries sometime, interesting stuff!

Our military, simply a tool for the rich elite, is being put on the line, in a completely unnessesary war, to further the interests of major oil corporations and big business. If you don't admit to that, you're either dumb, or one of the rich elite, same goes for voting for bush in 2004.

k, done:) lol

I understand my thread is probably disturbing to some and probably not appropriate for this forum but it is a means to express my indignation to a large groupa that I share a common ground with (judo, etc.) and I am compelled. I wouldn't post it on the OG, UG or anywhere else. I guess I want folks to think about it and be aware of WTF is happening.

Definitely don't want to vent on fellas with opposing opinions but View Type was being a smart ass and was insulting.

The older I get the more I appreciate what we have in the USA. Man, my views are way different now than in '69. I realize I sound like a hard ass to some but I have given everything a whole lot of thought and come to the conclusion we, the USA, have to be hard asses henceforth or we are going to be up shits creek with no paddles.

We also have to tighten up our immigration philosophy because that is a huge threat to our national stability and by extention security also.

Outkaster - you sound like a dumbass. The war has nothing to do with high gas prices and you must not be qualified to do much if you can't find a job. There are tons of jobs out there waiting to be filled. Go and get the skills needed to get job and stop being a whiney bitch.

walt, i hear your point and see your passion, but i completely disagree with both the action and the application of kano's philosophy...

he meant it for non-violence IMO..

just a point, perhaps this should be on the OG...


when you open the door to a discussion such as this, and phrase it so dramatically, inevitably you must accept that the posts being made will respond in kind...

He also meant it for self-defense and self-preservation.

From "50 Great Judo Champions" by Simon Hicks & Nicolas Soames, page 2:

"But the reputation of the Kodokan in those early years was upheld by the 'Four Heavenly Guardians' as they were called - Shiro Saigo, Tsunejiro Tomita, Yoshiaki Yamashita and Sakujiro Yokoyama."

"In 'The Fighting Spirit of Japan (E.J. Harrison, Foulsham 1955' Sakujiro Yokoyama remembers some of those early fights - starting with the days before the foundation of the Kodokan. 'In those days contests were extremely rough and not infrequently cost the participants their lives. Thus, whenever I sallied forth to take part in of these affairs, I invariably bade farewell to my parents since I had no assurance I should ever return alive. Competitions were such a drastic nature that few tricks were barred and we did not hesitate to have recourse to the most dangerous methods inorder to overcome an opponent. I have had experiences of this kind without number'

Most lasted just three or four minutes. But Yokoyama goes on to recall one contest whch lasted 55 minutes and only ended with the Chief of the Metropolitan Police stepped in to order the usspension of the match to prevent fatal injury to both.

He also remembers, during the early Kodokan days, being with Kyozo Mifune - later 10th dan and of the great judo stylists - they dispatched a group of 13 toughs causing trouble in a restaurant. 'the affair was over in less than three minutes', recounts Yokoyama."

I think that a glowing blue glass parking lot would be quite lovely in the desert light this time of year.

Ben R.

Wake the hell up. Your worried about gas prices when the free world is under attack? What about "no blood for oil ? " Hypocrite! This is the beginning of the second "Moorish Invasion of Spain" (on a larger scale).
Radical Islam has a foothold in Spain, France,Germany,Serbia,Britain,Chechnya,Italy,Greece,Indonesia,Africa, Phillipines,and even in USA.

Grambo, other countries "objective" media! Wake up! BBC is not a tool of the Socialists? Anyone home? Maybe we should get our news from Al Jazeera? Your acceptance of other cultures will have your girlfriends in burkas, and you praying to Mecca 5 times a day.Want the free press of Saudi Arabia eh?

Grambo, Military a tool of rich Elite? Like Kerry is not Elite. Heinz Ketchup anyone...4 million shares eh?
One of the 4 Warriors that were mutilated spent time in Afganistan prior to getting out and volunteering for a private company to protect forces in Iraq! He believed in this cause, and put his life on the the line. He had a family too. He seen first hand what he was fighting for. And he continued to the end.God Bless him and all who DO, while you sit and ponder on Pie in the sky ideas. We live in a JUNGLE! Western Civilization is in the balance. You are either Predetor or Prey! Make your choice America!