May 12th big weekend for SA MMA

This coming weekend four MMA fighters from SA will
be doing battle in two respective shows.

SABJJ's Veteran 77kg fighter Brad Thompson and BJJ phenom Mark O'callahan is making his debut in Warriors Realm on the Gold Coast.

In Melbourne Adam Reis from Ringworks International is making his debut. I myself am also stepping in as a Heavyweight to shake of some flab and ring rust.

Four fighters on the same weekend. Not bad for sleepy lil Adelaide town.

2007 looks good for South Australian MMA fighters as
Dave Lock and training partner Karim Chemal are always dangerous at HW and no doubt ready to punish there next opponents.

Plus it will see the return of Trent Deboo and the debut of a 65kg terror.

I hope all of the lads from SA are able to do well and come home injury free.

Kym Robinson

Good luck to you all.

What weight does Deboo fight at?

Does SA have any local MMA shows to date? If not, anyone know of any plans....?


93kg or when he is a good boy 84kg.

No we do not. We are slowly working towards it.