Due to overwhelming response we have decided to hold the show on June 19th. We will have 15-20 fights and everyone who has emailed or called will get a response today and will be on the card. We also will have our BTT instructor by then and will have in place the ability to help advance a "STAND OUT" fighters optoins future endevors. We will have the fight on the 19th and will cantact everyone who has responded no later than TODAY (5-23-04) about the 19th. This will be a HUGE event with press and many BIG NAME fighter teams coming. Stay tuned to the website as it will be up updated by 5-26-04. If you have any questions email me or 816.694.3313.


Big D, the BTT instructor will be in KC by June 19th?

Is this going to be permanent? Will private/semi private lessons be available?

Yes this will be permenant and yes he will be availible for privates. We are now on the website under Classes.

Whoa! That is so awesome! I live about 2 hours away from KC, but may be moving there--due to a job opportunity.

I'm so psyched!