May 6th: Clash of the Clans

Battle fo Brooklyn: Clash Of The Clans: Sambo Update
I am glad to tell you that Budo Videos will be sponsoring this show and the subsequent dvd! What's really great is that they will also be running a VIP ticket give-away contest! Please keep checking for more information.
As usual we will have Grappling Magazine, Free Fighting Illustrated, and other press on hand. Of coure we will have a great after party at Superfine well stocked by sponsor Tiger Beer.  So come down to world famous Gleason's Gym for a great time on May 6th!
This show is very important for building bridges in the grappling community and why I chose three respected and honorable gentlemen as team captains.  I know these men have very much respect for each other and won't make this an "us vs them" event but, rather, a event in the spirit of brotherhhod.
Sambo Team Co-Captains are: Vladislav Koulikov and Oleg Savitsky
BJJ Team Captain is: Justin Garcia
I have worked with all these guys in the past and really believe they are the best choices - not only because they are local talent and well respected, they are stand-up guys (and ground...LOL)!
Anyone interested in the team (Particularly 55KG and 60KG) MUST FILL OUT THE FIGHTER APPLICATION at
No application, no consideration for the team. Your application will be forwarded to the appropriate captains. While I do have final say regarding the teams, unless there is a conflict, I am allowing the captains control over the team selection process.
Each team will consist of a player in each of the following weights under freestyle sambo rules:
55kg (-121lbs)
60kg (-132lbs)
66kg (-145.2lbs)
74kg (-162.8lbs)
84kg (-184.8lbs)
96kg (-211.2lbs)
+96kg (+211.2lbs)
I will continue to post as we have team members finalized. 

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Hey guys, The FIAS website put some news about the Battle of Brooklyn. Thanks to Viktor Tatarkin for submitting the pics :o)



Steve, looks like Sarkis is gunna be the man for this event. Ankle's not healin fast enough, and the one I had surgery on is acting up from over compensating for the "new" bad one. I'll have him fill out the application tonight. I already spoke with Vlad, he's happy with the decision.



This is going to be a great show. The BJJ guys actually ran a graplle-off team trials!

Vlad is getting a great team together.

I can't wait!!!

At this point in time, due to our new insurance limits on the number of bouts, the sambo teams will consist of five weight classes, not seven.
The Sambo team under Vlad Koulikov's primary direction is just about final so, I should be able to post the roster soon. Clubs represented so far seem to be Red Bear Sambo, Empire Academy, Ultimate Sambo, Brooklyn Wrestling club.
Justin Garcia is holding a grapple-off team trials next weekend. So after that, I should have a good idea about the team.


Sorry about the ankle man....take care of that!  Glad to have Sarkis aboard though!

Its getting better, just to slow for me. I can roll on the mat, just too much grinding and rolling it while working throws/takedowns.

It takes a few days to recover after sparring. I still ice and take the anti inflamatories, and use my baps boards. I should be able to start competing again in a few months.

But Sarkis will do well and is training hard!

Just heard from Justin, the BJJ team Trials on Saturday went gre!  Four purple belts and a blue belt.

The sambo team is also set with fighters from James Simrell MMA (Scranton, PA), Brooklyn Wrestling Club (Brooklyn, NY), Empire Academy of Judo/Sambo (Rochester, NY), and Ultimate Sambo (Florida, NY).

Gonna be a great show. I will have the final rosters up tonight or tomorrow.


Sambo Team:

96+KG: Sarkis Matossian - Empire Academy - Rochester, NY - Coach Chris Herzog

96KG: Givi Shubitidze - Brooklyn Wrestling Club - Brooklyn, NY - Coach Gene Fabrikant

84KG: Patrick Hinton - James Simrell MMA - Scranton, PA - Coach James Simrell

74KG: Ryan Ahearn - Ultimate Sambo - Florida, NY - Coach Vlad Koulikov

66KG: Benny Baez - Ultimate Sambo - Florida, NY - Coach Vlad Koulikov

Due to bout limits placed by our insurance carrier, we dropped the two lightest weights.


Steve, for the record its Empire Academy (not empire state...)no bigge =)


Less than 3 weeks!!!

BJJ Team Roster:

96+KG: James Baxter - Rockland BJJ - Rockland, NY - Coach ChimChim (Justin G)

96KG: Nolan Dutcher - Lionkill BJJ - Kingston, NY - Coach ChimChim (Justin G)

84KG: Mikell Bursky - Rockland BJJ - Rockland, NY - Coach ChimChim (Justin G)

74KG: Chino DeLaPena - Rockland BJJ - Rockland, NY - Coach ChimChim (Justin G)

66KG: Mike Wacker - Hudson Valley BJJ - Coach Brian McGlaughlin


Congrats to Kathy Welch of Louisiana who is the winner of the Budo Videos ticket give away! She and four friends will be coming up north for the show and 4 ringside seats!!

Here's the final card...

San Da VERSUS Muay Thai
(San Da Rules)

Super Lightweight Division
135-139.9 lbs. 63.45 kg limit
Steve Vitti / Rhino Fight Team 135 lb 1-1 VERSUS Laurence Kenny  / Cool Hearts Muay Thai 20 yrs 142lb 0-0
Super Welterweight Division
147-153.9 lbs. 69.80 kg limit
Will Preap / Chinese Kick Boxing Club 150 lbs 5'9 1-0 VERSUS Boi Keopondeth / Cool Hearts Muay Thai 155lb  0-1
Light Heavyweight Division
167-174.9 lbs. 79.33 kilogram limit
Stephen Holness / Chinese Kick Boxing Club 175 lbs 6'0 0-1 VERSUS Andrius Ratkevicius / Cool Hearts Muay Thai 23 yrs old, 170lb. 0-0
Women's Featherweight Division
114-122.9 lbs. 55.74 kilogram limit
Sonia Mejia / Chinese Kick Boxing Club 115 lbs 5'3 1-1 VERSUS  Florina Petcu / Ardon Sweet Science 29 112 lbs. 5'6" 1-0
Women's Lightweight Division
123-131.9 lbs. 58.82 kilogram limit
Tara Hightower Gully / Boston San Da 125 lbs. 0-1 VERSUS  Lauren Feldman / Cool Hearts Muay Thai 24 yrs 127lb 0-0 

Final Sambo/BJJ Card... 
(Freestyle Sambo Rules)

James Baxter / Rockland BJJ VERSUS Sarkis Matossian / Empire Academy

Nolan Dutcher / Lionkill BJJ VERSUS Givi Shubitidze / Brooklyn Wrestling Club

Mikell Bursky / Rockland BJJ VERSUS Patrick Hinton / James Simrell MMA

Chino De La Pena / Rockland BJJ VERSUS Ryan Ahearn / Ultimate Sambo

Mike Wacker / Hudson Valley BJJ VERSUS Benny Baez / Ultimate Sambo