may be moving to silicon valley

i have a couple of opportunities, one in cupertino, the other in sunnyvale, CA. I think the closest big city to these places is San Jose.

If you were going to train in this area, what schools would you choose?

Ralph Gracie has a BJJ academy in Mountain View, which is right next door to Sunnyvale, and not far from Cupertino. Sandro "Batata" Santiago and Cameron Earle are the instructors there. See

AKA, Is in San Jose. Good people great atmosphere. When Dave's not telling jokes or talking about Star Wars, he teaches us great Judo and Jiu Jitsu. Since you're so new I would recomend trying all the schools around the area, but of course I gotta keep plugging Camarillo Jiu Jitsu.

There's also, Claudio Franca in San Jose and Santa Cruz. Paul Schreiner teaches the No Gi class at Cung Le's Santa Clara gym on Wednesdays, and I'm pretty sure Garth Taylor does the Jiu Jitsu program at Cung's San Jose gym. As stated above there's Ralf's in Mountainview. I don't know who it is, but some school opened in downtown San Jose. In San Carlos you got Marco Nasciemento.

Hope this helps.

Hook a brotha up bluenamer

I also looking for a school in the area.

Any feed back from Ralph's students on Batata or the academy?

ttt for more feedback from area students

Marco Nascimento.

Batata is a great instructor. The crew at Ralph's in Mt. View are great. Can't go wrong there. Facility is great too: tatame mats over sprung wooden floor (former aerobics club) and air conditioning.

Where's the place in downtown San Jose?