May I speak for the "LG"

I want to post this on the UG:

Thread Title: "A Message from the Legal Ground"

Content: Attention all OG members whether Blue or Black. When a thread is posted regarding a legal topic and/or situation regarding legal analysis on the UG, please, shut the fuck up. Please do not state opinions, state what "the law is", give statutory analysis and/or interpretation. You all are always wrong. You do not know the law. You are not impressing anybody with your legal prowess. You are embarrasing yourselves in front of the people who do know. Simply shut the fuck up, stop typing and step away from the computer.

I will edit for punctuation and spelling errors before posting.

Can I do it?

golf clap

Navin, the first step to knowledge is to realize your ignorance.

You're already there. bflex is merely suggesting that he provide, for humanitarian reasons, pro bono assistance to the UG in reaching this first step.

bflex, I'll ttt if you let us know when you post it.

I vote yes.

I say post it. It's the same shit everywhere. Whenever I'm at a party and someone finds out I'm a lawyer, they can't stop talking about how they know so much about the law, how they could've went to law school, how much they think and speak like Jack Fucking McCoy, etc. Fron now on, I'm going to tell people I'm the head fry cook at McDonalds.

Fron now on, I'm going to tell people I'm the head fry cook at McDonalds.

You are?

I know a lot about fries. I just have a natural understanding. I could have been a head fry cook. I think about going to McDonalds University sometimes.

Steve72 - I actually got accepted to McDonalds University for the head fry cook program. I was even offered a scholarship. I had a lot of things going on at the time and didn't go. It is a huge regret, I really am passionate about fryes and I would have been great. I love to cook fryes. When my family gets together we all just cook fryes. It is some of the best cooking that you would ever see. It is in my blood.

My parents used to tell everyone that I was going to be a fry cook when I grew up. It's just my personality.


Steve72 gave up a promising career as a fry cook just to practice flower law. Yeah, I bet your parents are proud. rolls eyes