May sell the chassis dyno :-(

It's been fun while it lasted, but may have to sell the DynoJet.

I've kept it at a friend's shop, but he has had some things come up. I haven't had nearly enough time to try to make a real business out of it, and don't see getting any extra free-time in the foreseeable future....

I had another friend that really wanted to open a shop, but his wife pulled some shenannigans, now he doesn't have the financial cushion to allow him the time to get the shop up and running.

I have a few options to explore, but most likely I'll sell it :-/

$32k for a starting price

Lootus - $32K wtf, how much did u pay for it?

It'd cost you close to $40k to duplicate what I have.

I paid less, but the next cheapest one I found, after ALOT of haggling, was about 32k, and it wasn't as heavy-duty as the one I have.

A brand new DynoJet 224x, with no accessories, is about 28k. Getting the wide-band, extra sensors, rpm pick-ups, computer puts it around 30k. Shipping is a son of a bitch on stuff this heavy (the roller is around 4,000lb.). Then, you either have to buy a ramp set-up, set it up to be mounted inside the foundation of a building, or set up a trailer to carry it. Mine is in a trailer.

I thought most people just leased them, or paid by the use.

I bought mine outright.

Came across a fellow that does ALOT of HPTuner work. Tuned right at 200 vehicles last year, and about 1000 overall. He doesn't live far from me, and we've been talking ALOT.

Looks like I'll move my dyno to his place. He'll pay me a monthly lease for getting to use it, I'll get to use as well. I only have time to use it 2 to 4 days a month, so it works out for both of us.

We strapped one of his late-model Chevy trucks on it the other day. Other than tires/wheels, it looked stock from the outside. With two small systems spraying, it put 709hp to the wheels! He said it will smoke the tires at 70mph, when he hits both of them.