May you all please read this

To all

I was not at the last UGC show this week.From what i hear i`m glad.I`m also must state i`m not involved in the UGC anymore actually i must say for the last 2 months i`ve not been with the UGC.The reasons well i will not in anyway shape or form offer a fighter peanut money to fight.Unfortunately that`s what i was working with.If i must return to the UGC it must be worth it for the fighters and my reputation.I respect all in the UGC as both friends and fighters,but the UGC must get thier act together.I as the former Matchmaker made mistake but i learned from them.

I will state that i am very busy in my personal life to be with the UGC for now Due to a very busy work load and i`m in the mist of planning my wedding for next year.

I will say this if i do return it is because i know i can make a difference and a good one at that.I look at people like Pete Rodely,Jason from suaf and see what they have done for this sport in Canada i can only wish to be like them.But then i look at the relationship i have built with some MMA clubs ex:Shah Franco Academy and i must say i`m proud of that.

So i`ll let you go now and BLAST me For this SHIT but hey that`s what i`m hear for.

Sooo...will we all be invited to your wedding then?


Thanks for the news. I was wondering where you were.
I think many will appreciate your honesty.

Best of luck to you!



Best of luck with everything...especially your hanging errr I mean wedding :)


ya bro you always did care about your fighters and you always produced top quality title matchs,

Jaboin vs Eric Davidson (0-7)

Francois " Gothic Kungfu" St-Jean vs Ricardeau Francois

Then who's matchmaking the UGC? This promotion is going down BIG TIME!

i did not set up those 2 fights first of all i advised Yves to not fight Davidson because it was worthless
and the second fight of Ricardo vs "Gothic Kung fu" i never meet the guy Ali Nesotr set that fight up that night was the only time i saw that guy i didn`t even tell him hi before the fight i thought he was a Spectator.

Hey like i said i made some mistakes but i did bring in some pretty good talent
ex:Mike French vs Ivan Manjivar it was the first time we all saw Ivan get knocked down
Chad Hamzeh vs Yves Jabouin now who ever saw that fight would tell you is was a contenterd for fight of the year
my favorite is Brock Arthur Vs Ricardo Francois Brocks first ever fight and beats the 6`6' giant by Unanumous decision in Montreal of all places.

So hey i think i did ok for someone who had a limited amount of ressources to work with.

you talk about Ricardo Francois as a God, who's he beatn :)

aguzzi could do 100x's better than that.


Thank you for the positive comments and good luck with the wedding and all your future endeavors