Maya: Centaur

This is a Maya project I'm working on for 3D Character rigging.

I'll use PS to paint him later on...


Freaking cool!


wtf these are still here?


Considering I essentially traced a photo of a horse, no.

Did you use a background photo and take it from there?
I have started using 3DS MAx 8. I like it, got a couple characters I am about to start designing.
Question. Do you only use MAYA or other 3d programs. Our school only uses max, but I would like to learn MAYA.

Wow. That centaur looks like shit.


peglegpeet13 - I use Maya for my own stuff. At work I use propietary software. Rhythm & Hues has it's own software thats like a mix between Max, Maya and XSI. You would be better off using/learning Maya for the purposes of getting a job. Max isn't used as frequently and neither is XSI.

Yeah, I am planning on learning MAYA as soon as I can get my hands on it. I am in Game Design school. It's just a matter of getting my hands on it.