Maybe a chance to get Ivan on PPV!

Hello Canada!!

Full Contact Fighter( is looking for feedback on the upcoming UFC48 card. Maybe if enough of us get on there and ask to see Menjivar/Serra fight on the PPV they will feed this information to the UFC. Or we could just e-mail the UFC asking that they show the Menjivar/Serra fight on PPV. Either way works and we all win in the end because we would get to see Ivan compete.

If you have the time and want to see Ivan's fight it would be greatly appreciated if you let the UFC know. Thank you in advance from Ivan Menjivar and Aristeia Management.

Would they really not put Serra on ppv, the guy's had like 5 fights with the UFC already. I assumed it would have been on ppv by default.

deepu I'm hoping you are right but you never know. It can't hurt to show our support but lets pray that you right.

Aristeia Management is also working on getting t-shirts made for Ivan Menjivar fans before UFC48. I will keep you informed on how that is developing.

You're right, UFC history has shown that they doen't seem to care too much for lightweights and ppv.

Sweet news about the t-shirt, looking forward to it. Could you guys at least make one design that's not too loud? A lot of mma t-shirts tend to be a bit loud :)

deepu, thanks for the feedback. We are thinking of having his logo on the front(if you go to his website and see his logo with the maple leaf...that's the one). I'm thinking that this will be a small print on the front. I have a guy working on an anime drawing for the back. I have asked for feedback from Ivan to see if there would be a saying or anything that he would want on it(something in Spanish or something like that). Also on either sleeve will be the logos from the two sponsoring companies.

Do you think that is too loud?

I'd have to see but your description sounds good. I like the IM with the leaf. I'll be buying one regardless, it's just that I don't like the t-shirts which yell how tough one is etc ... subtle mma t-shirts are cool :)

"subtle mma t-shirts are cool :)"

** must reconsider the Monkey t-shirt where he is poking a banana through someone's eye** :)

ttt for Menjivar tee- shirts

Magnus, I'm in the minority when it comes to this for sure ... otherwise there'd be more subtle mma t-shirts ... they are hard to find.


Joe have more subtle t-shirts? Maybe something showing "The Mauler" looking pensive or more typically, about to cry :)

The Menjivar t-shirts sound great. Now let's see that fight on PPV.