Maybe Horn doesn't want 2 be......

To be in the UFC.Becuase the Japanese honor fighters win or lose unlike American fans,also Japan pays more has bigger crowds.Maybe Horn could have own cereal just like Sapp does.

How stupid of me.Everyone wants to go to LasVegas.

horn started fighting at 185 specifically to get in the ufc.

lol, he definitely wants to be in the UFC...

he has already fought in Pride btw (albeit at HW).

Horn has the potential to be UFC champ at 185 and he knows it. Thus, he is fighting at his proper weight now. I hope he gets in soon. How old is Horn now?

Why not 185 in Pride?No-disrespect or is the competion in Pride too dangerous(Silva and Rampage alone)?

silva and rampage are not 185 :)




Horn has to get past the Manny Reyes Jr and Ron Krull's of the world before he can even think about a UFC shot.