MayheM #000 + WFL


...will be at...

This Saturday... December 3rd, 2005. WFL

Don't miss it.


I will be wathcing the first eva midget mma bout in Indy


no, he's a midget.


btw, everyone in MA and surrounding area should go see MayheM. wish I could.

will be at both.

joe, how come no preview of WFL on Massmma?

Should be a great show. I'm still pissed they couldn't find me an opponant.

Gorman VS Ferrar should be sweet.

"joe, how come no preview of WFL on Massmma?"

I am being told tonight. We had two guys doing them, and both were bogged down with stuff and thought "oh well [the other guy] will do his, and mine will just go up late"

Im pretty excited jim, cant wait for this week to go by so we can get it over with. Should be a good tough fight.

TweekMMA = Paul Gorman?

Someone get him a green name

I tried to get one before... didnt get any kind of response so i forgot about it. Joe wheres the preview for WFL??

MayheM vs. 2 midgets???

Sounds great!



you should be all set.


Wish I still lived in Mass.


can somone list the fighters

Ill be announcing that Midget fight in Indy

thanks joe, ill look for it later then.... By the way how do i go about getting the green name??

I'll be their

Radiodrumhead: you should try and make the seminar that MayheM is putting on earlier in the day.