"Mayhem" Miller v.s. Shonie Carter

Rumored to take place at UFC 48.

I think it's great to see Shonie back in the octagon but I think Jason Miller is on a roll right now and will win this fight.

Anyone else have thoughts on this fight?

What interview?

Cool I've actually met both of these guys and have both of their cell phone numbers, lol this is gonna be cool!

Prank calls?

The battle of the pimps needs to happen :)


No fight, however, this will give me adequate time to grow out a mullet


Jason- why no fight? I'm guessing money.

fuck you

To bad! We want battle of the PIMPS!lol

lol@ Illustrious Master, doesn't that sound like a male dancer name?

"Now now Jay, be respectful of other forum members. So why did you back out of the fight then?"

pot... kettle... black...

lol I didn't there never was a fight

No Contracts No Fight.


I was just joking anyway... this guy is funny, his constant trolling me gives me a reason to post.

Jason You Rock man, I'd love to see you guys fight. I met Shonie at a seminar in Chicago. I didn't get to roll with him though. I hope it works out for both of ya- Jason

What if they offer you a contract like in April, would you take the fight then?

i think it would be a great fight! zuffa should sign it.

I talked to Joe silva when I heard about the rumor, So I called and there is no such happenings in the works, but Joe liked the idea, but no room on the upcoming 2 shows. I'll be at the april show to watch& hittin on some women of course. I won't have a hotel room either I'll just fly in and try to to hook up with someone.
ps. Dana and me are cool again so we'll see what happens

Shonie Carter back in UFC....it's gotta happen.