Mayhem Miller Vs Ron Jhun


or however you spell it! I'm fighting "the Machine Gun" on October 16th at Blaidesdale Arena for the BELT. I'm stoked about this fight, I know it's going to be an exciting one, and I know I will BEAT Jhun big time. Hawaii is REALLY gonna hate me this time!!


This is what i got from a email from Mayhem Miller.Should be a good fight.its gonna be a Superbrawl production on Oct 16....ANY PICKS!!!!

Should be a good fight!! Im definitely going for Mayhem!

TTT for platinum teefs

Good fight! I personally like both guys. Should be interesting to say the least!!

tough fight for both guys!

I think I'll take Miller in a tough one.

Hell yeah, go Mayhem. This is gonna be a very tough fight.

TTT 4 Jhun & Miller both!!

I second what Hamma said!

TTT for Mayhem Miller

Jhun is tough. I will pull this one out.


you know I'm pullin for Miller. Oct 16th huh, whats the weight? Sounds like a good fight though, I've never seen a boring fight from either guy so you know this one won't disapoint. Train hard Jason, your next shot better be in the big show. Its more than overdue.

fo sho.

TTT for Mayhem!!!!

Lets add yet another Pro Fighter who would hospitalize Illustrimo Master on site

Mayhem is a tuff mofo.

Go Mayhem!

Miller/Jhun will be a good fight!

awesome fight!....i'll go with mayhem on this one

go mayhem. you da man. represent son.

Damn, hell of a lot of support on the forum. I expect a long ass night. Jhun is not the kind of guy who lays down. I'm training my ass off and I can't wait to mix it up!

"Mayhem will lose like a punk. Back to jail for Mayhem"

Who the fuck is the idiot? what a jackass