Mayhem Monkeys UNITE

Since our leader is fighting friday I figure I'll start a support/recruitment thread.. SO any1 that doesnt have a number and wants one check in here


GK-official cult recruiter

I would like a number............YEAH TTT MAYHEM!!!!!!!!!

student your number is #3991 now dance MONKEY

**Dancing on my desk*********

3991 checking in YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Continuing the monkey dance

cap your # is 5437 now dance son

Gracie Killar, you are not authorized to issue numbers. Please follow the proper channels to avoid future confusion.


welcome hybrid n cap!


yea I am DT go check mayhems myspace its all there bro

Mahalo FCTV808!!!!!

I can just feel the Blaisdell Arena quaking as the giant falls!

7-11 Manapuas for everyone!!!!

ttt for the giant slayer mayhem!


Kimbos bread your # is 3566 now dance

Man what a freakshow this is gonna be.

Mayhem by 12 gauge shotgun RD 1.


mayhem via AK imo

313 needs to know mayhems full list of sponsors ASAP for monkey

homework project...


Id like a number please I made a Mayhem Miller HL video

Mayhem member #oatmealshoes checking in!

wishes he was cool enough to get a number, too....

Dougie is always one step ahead of you MTG.

Accept it and move on.