MaYhEm... NOT GUILTY!!!!!

on ALL charges.

rejoice Monkeys!!!!



if this is true... CONGRATS MAYHEM!!!



I guess I missed it. What happened to him?

Congrats man.

'Mayhem' Reenacts Fight in Court

Whatever happened, it looked something like the scene played out at circuit court Thursday. Professional Fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller was wrestling his own attorney, showing the jury what happened the morning of December 16, 2005.

Miller is accused of pounding on his girlfriend's Nuuanu door, kicking it down and then attacking Casey Hewes, who was with her inside her apartment. On Wednesday, Hewes testified that Miller punched and bit him, and tried to break his arms. But Thursday the defense told a different story.

On the stand, Miller said, "I wasn't trying to hurt that guy. There is no way I was trying to hurt that guy."

Miller says he only kicked his girlfriends door down by accident and that he was only trying to wake her up with a loud bang. He says he was stunned when the door cracked open, and inside was a man he had never seen before. Miller says Hewes rushed towards him.

"It looked kinda like a football tackle", Miller said. "He was trying to grab at me."

But Hewes says he was using his high school wrestling skills to fend off an attack by Miller. But Miller demonstrated to the jury, that if he wanted to, he could have seriously hurt Hewes.

"All I would have to do is knee like that," he said while demonstrating on his attorney on the courtroom floor.

Miller says the two went crashing into a futon, breaking it.

"Now I am stuck inside the futon and he starts gripping onto my head and jamming all of his shoulder meat into my face and covered up my nose and my mouth," he said. " I couldn't breath at a normal're not inside of a futon."

That's when Miller says he bit Hewes in self-defense. The jury must now decide if the pro-fighter went into the house with criminal intent. The jury will be deliberating Friday.

Is this a result or a hope?


wow... beat me to it... lol...

it's true.. I was in the courtroom...

not guilty on all charges!!!

pics 2 come... :-)


ME! I'm the source. look at the screen name.

have I ever put a Troll job on about MayhEM?


sign on & show your support fellow Monkeys!!

"I used to fight for "$2. and a MUSUBI....."

a MayHem quote from his testimony.


^^^ A wise and cultured man...imo^^^^

bing bing bing--we have a winner!

Yay for my SK2!!!

Now I can share good news about MayHem to my fellow monkeys as it happens.

Cheee Hooooooo!!!!

Congrats Mayhem!


Somebody tell Mayhem to call me...I need to know what to do with the judges kids??...They are still locked up out in my shed...Can I just release them?...Or should I hang on to them for now??

Feeding them isn't cheap ya know! I mean, I am a Monkey and all...but I don't see anyone chipping in!


Congrats Mayhem!


Sets up Paypal for EvilMaster

Mayhem needs his own reality TV show. Seriously. Somebody in Tinseltown hook this brotha up!

Congratulations Mayhem :)