Mayhem Poster (pic)

dang fatty!

250+ IMO

I've been up nights thinking about that.

Then I just rewatched Tamura vs. Yarbrough from PRIDE 4.

LMFAO at top 185lber........



Tamura never fought Yarborough.

That was Takase and it was Pride 3

awesome pic

Thats a cool poster TTT for Mayhem


T Jay...we'd love to see Mayhem/Lawler in CA. Don't let one event sour you forever.

Damn cool poster but sorry to say Mayhem will kick his ass.#169 says so

1? In Hawaii?????

Mayhem will take this!

How can I get that poster?

1 ranked middleweight in Icon, knuckleheads.

Nice Poster....

Can't wait for this fight.



Is the Giant a Bob Sapp type or a Giant Silva type?

If hes the Bob Sapp type it might be interesting.