MayheM Pre-Fight Interview

Under media.

this is the video. Not the blog from the other post.

Sound won't work. :(

huh, its funny as shit. As expected.

Above Link

Sound works for me. Go Mayhem!


Thanks for the link EM.

Thank you actually :)

np tryin to earn that number one assignment at a time. lol

Once you get a number...You'll find yourself wondering how you have managed to survive without one. Your life changes forever. Bank loans go through with no questions asked...Parking spaces are always mysteriously available...You never seem to have to wait in line at public restrooms...The tax man will let you skip a year...Oh man the list goes on...

Good luck.


LOL Number or not I will still support my favorite fighter to the end. WAR MAYHEM!!!!!!!!


thank you! WOO MAYHEM!

once more before i go to the bars TTT


I don't remember my life before the number....

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one can only hope LOL

hey i have that shirt.