Mayhem Show (vid)

Here are some of the trials and tribulations that I have gone through while training for my fight in the WEC on May 12th. Enjoy


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We are now accepting sponsors for the Mayhem Show Episode 3. It will be very funny.

Tune in to watch Mayhem battle Michael Jackson at Sokoudjou's 23rd birthday.

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lmao at the pinkberry part



Glad you guys like it half as much as I enjoyed making it. (with my in house production team)

wtf? rouge mod making this disappear? Kirik! WAAAH!

For something to disappear, shouldn't it be, like, not here?


whoops, guess it is here.

thats hilarious!

Lol, I know my old lady is smokin hot, so I expect some OohandAwwing. So OohandAww. But this video isn't really about that. She is a comedian though, so consider this a plug.

lol @ "eye chlamydia"

lol thats funny

ttt GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Fuckin great!!!! Kick ass at the WEC show MayheM. Like we always do about this time, word=born.

ttt for later