Mayhem Vs. Diego

cmon make it happen.

that would be tight but i heard he is fighting florian again

Mayhem looked really crap against GSP, but so did Trigg. I'd say he matches up well against Diego and thus might be a bit too risky for UFC to set them up for Diego's second fight. UFC is going to try and build up Diego and there's no point in having him beat a guy that's already been demolished in his only UFC appearance, and if Miller manages to win, that's even worse.

Miller should fight in a dark match next. I think against Chris Lytle or Nick Diaz. Loser should leave UFC for the time being.


Of course they would put him up against an easy opponent again-they don't want to expose the fact that many of these TUF guys are simply not on the level of people like Mayhem.

I think diego would take mayhem

I don't think mayhem would sub him so what else could he do?

pigpen = squirrel neck ;)

Mayhem would beat Diego down like a little punk ass kid.#169 supports the idea for this fight.

um, so does that mean you guys disagree?


Make it happen. If Diego is going to take up another valuable spot on our PPV's, make it against someone that can fight a little. Mayhem would take it to Diego.

i think mayhem would beat diego sanchez...
just my $0.02... :)

Mayhem would crush that little bitch.

skrizznump (aka 347)

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