Mayhem's Opponent Announced (Pic)

Jason "Mayhem" Miller's opponent for his May 26th fight announced.

take a look in the forum

Can I ask why they're putting Mayhem up against this guy? and Greg, did you recieve my last e-mail?


Who is he fighting?

Name: Stefan Gamlin

He's 0-2 in MMA. I don't see why they're making this fight other than freak show aspect. I really hope Mayhem wins.

as much as i love seeing Mayhem fight

i see no point in this

why not have him fight someone in his division, tune up fight for Lawler?

It won't be boring!

"why not have him fight someone in his division, tune up fight for Lawler? "

I was thinking the same thing.

Mayhem fights are never boring

thats not what im concerned with

i just dont see the upside in him fighting this guy

he should be getting ready for the upcoming Title fight with Lawler, which we all know is gonna happen as soon as Lawlers hand heals

"or does he look like hes just a pussy wigger bitch"

Looks like you're trying to insult him but at the same time save your ass. Learn to Sport foo.

Brigham -

Yes I got your last email.  I need to talk to my partner but I am fairly sure you are good to go.  I'll email you soon.





Alright bro, thanks.

I just posted another photo of Mayhem clowning around.  Check out the forum at


hahaha great pic. Mayhem is gonna' choke this dude out.

TTT for Mayhem!!!

good lord could they not find someone who is in his weight class, gonna give MMA a black eye....btw anyone know what happened with his court case, charges dropped??


Well, the suspension was obviously dropped and I saw Mayhem on here a week or so ago and said he wasn't going to jail in a post so, I'm assuming so.

TTT for MaYhEm fighting in Hawaii again.


Grandmaster in TEH MONKEY style with a dirty ass belt!