maynard is sherk minus roids!

dominating but boring to some!


Disagree. He has come along way in a short time.

I think Gray is very good and only getting better. Gray/Edgar IMO wasn't boring.

L&P was rampant. Good standup, but from there it kinda got tiresome. Agree on the sherk comparison.

Wow to anyone says that fight was boring!!! It is MMA which stands for Mixed Martial Arts! You are not going to see guys just stand there and throw bombs at each every fight...Both of these guys are amazing at what they do and we are proud to sponsor Frankie! Cant wait to see what happens in the 155 class which is stacked!!

I haven't liked him since he tried saying he was "just resting" after he slammed Rob Emerson and Knocked himself out on the TUF 5 Finale.

That and he went to Michigan State.

 lol, how was there "lay and pray" in that fight? It was never on the ground for more than 30 seconds, and that time was all spent trying to get control while Frank scrambled back to his feet.

just can't bring myself to root for a dude with a lower back tat.......

I don't recall him passing Frankie's guard like it was nothing. Not a lot of lay n pray either. The wrestling skill was incredible. I thought Frankie was gonna win. He may be too small for the division. Maybe he should go to WEC (or the UFC should incorporate 145).